Health Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth Supplement

Diatomaceous Earth With Silica Review

There is no reason to spend good money on expensive pharmaceuticals to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, relieve constipation and bowel dysfunction, to have more energy, and to live a more youthful lifestyle. Diatomaceous Earth, when taken daily, has been shown to do all of these things and more. Recent research has linked this inexpensive and completely organic fossil shell flour to better health. As testimonials continue to be published, medical doctors are studying the proven efficacy of this natural and completely safe, silica-based nutritional supplement.

Organic Diatomaceous Earth History

Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth has been known for centuries. The product of fossilized diatom beds, this naturally occurring substance is easily rendered into powder, kiln dried, and sold at a fraction of the cost of commercial pharmaceuticals. Multinational drug companies are not researching the beneficial effects of Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) because it cannot be patented. Food-grade D.E. is an affordable natural food additive. It is already used in the cereal industry under approval of the United States Department of Agriculture as fit for human consumption.

Many people take two tablespoons of D.E. in liquid, every day. By adding food-grade Diatomaceous Earth to their diets, people experience marked improvement in the quality of their lives. Medical scientists have taken notice, and the various actions of Diatomaceous Earth are being studied. The verdict of the medical community thus far is unanimously positive. The detoxifying effects of D.E. have been linked to marked improvement in constitutional health and well-being.

Can Diatomaceous Earth Help Me Lose Weight

The individual diatoms contained in food-grade D.E. have an astounding absorptive capacity. They soak up the lingering wastes and toxins that reside in the small intestine and the colon. Sticky vegetable matter and LDL fats can cling to the walls of the intestines, interfering with peristalsis and reducing capillary exposure to needed nutrients being digested. The silica edges of millions of grains of fossil shell flour gently abrade the walls of the duodenum, the ileum, the jejunum, and the colon.

Detoxing With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

This gentle massaging of the intestinal epithelium removes debris and residual heavy metals that have been ingested. The walls of the intestines are left clean and pink. The massaging action of the individual diatoms stimulates blood flow, making the intestinal wall work more effectively as a conduit between the healthy food being digested and the rest of the organs of the body.

Without sticky plaques stuck to the intestinal walls, bacteria and viruses do not have a place to breed. A clean digestive tract makes for a healthy body, with fewer infections, less stress to the immune system, and greater nutrient circulation to the glands and cells that need specific vitamins and minerals to function efficiently.

With appropriate use of Diatomaceous Earth, people all over the world report that they are living better because of their improved energy levels and overall health.

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